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TEEN TO ELDER ( male/female)

With this slider you can move, rotate and resize a hat in The Sims 4. This slider is not compatible with any game hat, to use it you need to make your hat compatible with it. Watch the video below for how to do this ( is very easy):

Activate the caption! Available in Portuguese and English!

If you already have experience with cc, the only thing you should do for your cc to be compatible is to assign your mesh 100% to: b__L_Earring_slot and b__R_Earring_slot. Do'nt use b_head_ anymore.

How To Use? You can see how to use the slider at the end of the video above or in the image gif as well.

Front View
Up/Down: Moves the hat Up and Down
Left/Right: Scales the hat Out and Inside

Left View
Up/Down: Rotates the hat forward and backward
Left/Right: Moves the hat forward and backward

Righ View
Up/Down: Scales the hat Out and Inside
Left/Right: changes the back width of the neck

Back View
Up/Down: None (for now)
Left/Right: changes the width of the neck. (I was forced to throw that to the back, it look good anyway.)

If you have any questions just ask me.

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DOWNLOAD (alternative)

This simple cap is included for you to test the slider. Reblog this and ask your favorite accessory creators to make compatible cc. Thank you!

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thank you so much!

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